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"They laughed when he said he was a mind reader! Their laughter turned to amazement when he guessed their credit card pin number!"

- Terry Daly, Vice President of Emirates Airline, Dubai 

Ferris has stunned thousands of audiences worldwide as a Mentalist. Forget mind reading of yesteryear, his performances are not based on hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo, but cutting edge use of Psychology, theatre, comedy and mystery.

Ferris Yao is a practitioner of a unique performing art known as Mentalism, in which he seemingly reads the minds of people. His work involves a combination of skills and techniques such as psychological and perceptual manipulation, hypnosis, telepathy and mind control.

"More impressive than famous magician Cyril Takayama"

- Rod Monteiro, Radio DJ, 91.3 FM, Singapore 

"This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. Really impressive."

- Princess Mariam Aziz of Brunei

"Be prepared to be amazed, you will believe in the power of the mind after seeing Ferris perform."

- Rashed Ali Al Ansari,

  GM of Al Ansari Exchange, 


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